Recycling the Ashes of Nuclear Fission (Recycling UNF)

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    #1. Which is the cheapest way to deal with used nuclear fuel?

    #2. Which countries are recycling their used nuclear fuel now?

    #3. If untreated, used nuclear fuel is required to be shielded from human contact for:

    #4. Recycling Used Nuclear Fuel is:

    #5. What is the biggest complaint about using nuclear fuel to produce electricity?

    #6. Which industry has pre-paid the costs of decommissioning and disposition of their used fuel?

    #7. If pyroprocessing is used in conjunction with a fast reactor, what percent of the nuclear fuel can be used to produce energy?

    #8. What is being done with used nuclear fuel after it sits in a water cooling pool for 5-7 years?

    #9. Why is the United States not recycling now, even though other nuclear power users in the world do so?

    #10. One process for recycling used nuclear fuel is called pyroprocessing. What is pyroprocessing?