Nuclear Power Now & in the Future - March 24, 2020

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    #1. How much more land is needed to site a similar-sized solar farm than a nuclear plant?

    #2. Which countries have leadership administrations that support nuclear power and expanding its use in the future?

    #3. What is the only power production system that is clean, baseload (“on” 95% of the time), compact and has a waste form that is recyclable?

    #4. Which of the following are advantages of Next Generation Small Modular Reactors?

    #5. Which statement is correct?

    #6. Which statement is incorrect about nuclear power?

    #7. How much more land is needed to site a similar sized wind farm than a nuclear plant?

    #8. How much of the United States’ clean energy comes from nuclear today?

    #9. Which sources on the internet can you consult to find out more information?

    #10. How much more energy per event is produced by nuclear energy over burning coal?

    #11. BONUS QUESTION – Which country produces the most nuclear power in the world today?


    If you have any questions ask our Nuclear Guru Steve on the Blog or contact us!