Used Nuclear Fuel (UNF) Source for Fast Reactors Developers – Survey

    We are compiling a reference document for use by Governments (National, State, County, and Municipal) to use as a guide to recycling UNF for use in Fast Reactors.

    Who are “We”? We are Virginia Recycles Used/Spent Nuclear Fuel, a coalition formed to convince Virginia or any state to accept UNF to recycle as a Fast Reactor fuel source. Benefits of a state’s acceptance would be establishment of a Private-Public UNF Recycle Facility, Fuel Fabrication Facility with co-located Next Generation Reactor(s), a Carbon Free National Laboratory, Micro-Grid and Do DOD Micro-Reactor Research parks to name a few. This would be accomplished by leveraging the $40 Billion Nuclear Waste Fund to seed this state’s involvement. This would effectively establish the accepting state as the leader in Nation Wide Recycling activities in fueling of America’s energy in fast reactors.

    The purpose of this survey is two-fold:

    1- To understand each reactor developer’s fueling needs as it pertains to recycled UNF as a fuel source such as fuel composition, consumption amount, rate of use and refueling intervals.

    2- The possible collaboration with Developer(s) if UNF Recycle concept is adopted by a state Governor.

    Once responses are collected and compiled the results will be available to view here:

    Please respond to this brief survey so we can present these decision-makers with the best technology to fit their needs.

    1. Which category of next-generation reactor best fits your design (check all that apply)?

    Molten Sodium Fast ReactorChlorine Salt Fast ReactorHigh-Temperature Gas ReactorLight-Water ReactorLiquid FuelSolid FuelOther: Please Specify

    2. Is your reactor capable of using UNF or depleted uranium to produce energy?


    3. Is yes (#2 above), what level of processing does the UNF or depleted uranium fuel require?

    PyroprocessingChemical (Aqueous) reprocessingChopped up and reformed (dry reprocessing)Enrichment to reactor grade fuelEnrichment to HALEU grade fuelOther: Please Specify

    4. Can your reactor use thorium as a fuel?


    5. What is the time between refueling cycles?

    1 to 5 years10 to 25 years5 to 10 yearsMore than 25 years, but not infinityInfinite or continuous fuel replacementOther: Please specify

    6. After the fuel is expended in the reactor, what is your preferred method of disposition?

    Our company will take back the old fuel and replace it with new fuel.That will be the responsibility of the user of the reactor.We envision that a third-party business will take care of this.The Government will handle the used nuclear fuel.Other: Please Specify

    7. What do you believe will be the best disposition method after the fuel is removed?

    It is capable of further recycling after it is removed from the reactor.It must simply be buried and sequestered from people.It will be cooled down first, then be buried.It should remain on the reactor site and be shielded from the population.Other: Please Specify

    8. Please add any thoughts you have regarding the idea of recycling used nuclear fuel using fast reactor technology, or how your technology specifically applies to this idea. Other comments are welcome as well.