The Honorable Denver Riggleman
1022 Longworth House Office Building
House of Representatives
Washington D.C. 20515
(202) 225-4711

Dear Representative Denver Riggleman:

As a constituent, I urge you to end all energy subsides now. I support the United States Free Trade System, a system that has made America great. As part of that support, I also urge you to join with other congressional colleagues in introducing and passing legislation to establish Virginia as the first of many to repeal, abolish and not to re-introduce all energy production subsidies. I feel that the free trade system will do its job on its own to choose the winners and losers of energy production to keep my power rates low and competitive without government influences such as subsidies, as a result of you introducing this law.

A second request is for energy production classification should be grouped into one of two categories; either Clean (Carbon Free) or Dirty (Carbon Based) that there will be no loopholes in understanding the basics we as a Americans are hoping to achieve in cleaning the air and water and lower health and environmental effects from Dirty Energy Forms!

These two moves will be very advantageous to Virginia and the rest of the United States.

Nuclear energy is an important component to future migration of energy production to a carbon-free posture. I am concerned that Virginia may lose this once-in-a-generation opportunity if action is not taken soon.

Please support this Free Trade and Energy Classification initiative with all Virginia State Lawmakers and work to encourage its passage in Congress.


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