The Honorable John J. Bell
Pocahontas Building, Room E522
Senate of Virginia - District 13
P. O. Box 396
Richmond, VA 23218

Dear Senator John J. Bell:

As a constituent, I urge you to end all energy subsides now. I support the United States free enterprise system, a system that has made America a great international economic powerhouse and has served its citizens by giving them the best value for their money. The result will be a reduction in Government spending, helping to reduce the debt, and a competitive market in energy which greatly aid the financial situation of our citizens.

Should Congress seek a definition of clean or carbon-free energy production for whatever purpose, the definition should be a standard, such as 50 grams per kWh of power produced (basically Clean or Dirty), not a protectionist clause such as “for renewable energy” which helps create monopolies.

Americans deserve to have trade laws and policies that benefit the citizen, not the ability to raise prices at will for consumers.