The Honorable Kaye Kory

Virginia House of Delegates - District 38
Pocahontas Building
900 E. Main Street, Room E401
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Delegate Kaye Kory:

As a constituent, I urge you to support Carbon Free Nuclear Energy. As part of that support, I also urge you to join with other congressional colleagues in introducing and passing legislation to establish Virginia as the first consent state to accept Used Nuclear Fuel (UNF) in the United States. This bold and unique step will solidify Virginia as a national and world leader in the clean energy revolution and the lucrative nuclear energy industry!

This move will be very advantageous to Virginia:

1. Increased low cost Carbon free and recycled energy.
2. Initial influx of $5 billion per year in direct economic benefits, growing to a potential $10+ billion per year in the recession-proof energy business.
3. Increase of at least 15,000 high technology jobs.
4. Advanced university programs in nuclear science and engineering.
5. Increased tax base to support secondary and middle school education.

Nuclear energy is an indispensable component in our clean-air future. I am concerned that Virginia may lose this once-in-a-generation opportunity if action is not taken soon.

Since Virginia is already invested in the nuclear business, recycling is a natural addition. Since it appears that future transportation will be mostly electricity-driven and that clean air is of paramount interest to everyone I know, can Virginia justify passing up this high-tech and high-paying job enhancer?

I found that has the information you will need. Please support this initiative with our State Legislature and work to encourage its passage in Congress.