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CAMPAIGN # 1- Advance Nuclear Energy through Recycling Used Nuclear Fuel - Email Your Lawmakers Campaign

Let’s Get Serious About Clean Air

We really need to choose the path that leads to clean air.  The United States has gone nuts over solar, wind, and polluting biofuels, wood and garbage burning.  Do we really have the disregard for our planet to submit it to “renewable” commercial energy systems that consists of:

  • Square miles of destroyed natural habitat, trees cut down and bird deaths from wind and solar?
  • The hidden, subsidized cost of solar and wind which you will be paying for in the end?
  • Using food to make fuel when much of the world is starving?
  • Decades of toxic waste from solar panels and non-recyclable wind turbans?
  • Large areas of strip mining for rare materials required for solar, wind, and battery technology?
  • The intermittent nature of power at the whim of wind blowing and sun shining instead of on demand?
  • Systems with life-cycles as short as 10 years (wind turbans) and 25 years (solar panels)?
  • The monopoly of a single source of power and the price-fixing that comes with that?
  • Systems installed by foreign construction companies?
  • Original technology being sold as “improved” instead of implementing real innovation?

Or, would you rather have nuclear power that features:

  • Small, compact power sources buried underground?
  • A power source with a waste form that is 100% recyclable?
  • Centuries of power production using only what is mined and processed now?
  • Power systems that go up to 30 years between refueling cycles?
  • Electric generation that can be tailored to the individual use and located near where it is needed?
  • Microgrid-driven delivery systems with less wire and underground delivery?
  • Modern power transmission capability hardened from cyber-attacks and ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP)?
  • “Power too cheap to meter” cost model as has happened in the long-distance phone market?
  • A power source that pays its way and competes with all other sources of power?
  • Innovation for next-generation technology being available today?

A free market-driven society with competition among different sources of power and clean energy valued by a standard, not by a dominating market seeking a monopoly through overbearing lobbying tactics is what made America great.  Let’s get back to that.  Please support pyroprocessing for recycling our existing used nuclear fuel and fast reactors that can completely use all the energy from our vanishing uranium stockpile.

Ask us for more information, and:

Let your congressperson know that you favor using recycled nuclear fuel as a cheap clean-energy alternative.  Submit your letter today.

Advance Nuclear Energy through Recycling Used Nuclear Fuel - Email Your Lawmakers Campaign


CAMPAIGN #2- End All Energy Subsidies -To Level the Playing Field - Email Your Lawmakers Campaign

Are you tired of paying the maximum price for your monthly home or business energy purchases?  Many hidden or disguised price contributions on your bills are to support subsidies for “renewables” over other methods of producing energy.  You may not know it but 50% of energy production called “renewable” uses biofuels, a source of energy more polluting than coal, oil, and natural gas, as well coal, oil and natural gas being sourced as a baseload (back up) for renewables such as wind or solar.

Support a more Constitutionally-supported method of eliminating subsidies, or setting standard-based criteria for any “clean and carbon-free energy” that really helps clean air.  A standard of 50 grams of CO2 per kWh will substantially reduce pollution emissions and start cleaning up our air.  If you are tired of Government-supported monopolies, like those created for “renewable” companies, please send a letter to your subordinates in the state of Virginia as well as Congress expressing your desires.

Clean, compact, efficient fission energy is the perfect baseload power source and is on duty 24/7 with a 92% on-time rating.  Please help us to lower energy prices and clean the air.  Virginia is for Lovers of Clean Air!

End All Energy Subsidies -To Level the Playing Field - Email Your Lawmakers Campaign